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Please help vote for our server once a day. It's pretty quick and easy to do this:

  1. Type into any browser to get to this voting page fast.
  2. Follow each of these voting links below, and ~Remember~ to vote once a day!
    1. 1st Voting Site
    2. 2nd Voting Site
    3. 3rd Voting Site
    4. 4th Voting Site
    5. 5th Voting Site

Note: Please read the voting instructions carefully on each voting page. You usually type in your MC nickname, do a Captcha check (image puzzle) and remember to click the 'Vote' button. You should get confirmation that your vote had been counted, and you can often see what MC nicknames have voted each day.

Diamond.png Reward: Vote For Our Server and Earn a Crate Key in-game each day

It is possible to earn up to five crate keys per day by voting for the server on server listing sites. All you have to do is click on the links below and follow the instructions on each site for voting. Make sure to enter your in-game name! Also make sure you are in-game, it works the best! See this this original forum post on this reward: Click Here If you need further help, contact on of our admins on the forum.

Thank you very very much for helping vote for our server! -Clownfish

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