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A few versions of rules at the moment:

From /rules command in-game (Dec 28, 2013)

  1. Please no griefing (respect others buildings).
  2. No Profane comments, skins, or actions. No curse words, or curse word abbreviations either.
  3. Please do NOT dupe items, Please honorably destroy duped items in this legit build server.
  4. No X-Ray mod, hacks, or cheats.
  5. (Including OPs) Please do not type in ALL CAPS or spam the chat.
  6. Please RESPECT other players here in your actions and words.

Posted at /spawn

  1. It is your responsibility to know the rules
  2. No Griefing even in an unzoned area
  3. Please refrain from causing drama
  4. No swearing or curse words acronyms
  5. No rude/profane comments, skins, actions or builds
  6. No CAPS or spamming the chat
  7. No x-ray mods or x-ray texture packs
  8. Don't advertise other servers
  9. No duping Destroy duped materials if found/given
  10. No mods/cheats that give you an advantage over others
  11. No religious profanities eg. OMG
  12. Do not change it to day in Survival World
  13. Be respectful of redstone
  14. Have Fun!

From CFEW voting page:

  1. No cursing (including abbreviations,misspellings, and acronyms e.g. "WT*");
  2. No discussion of controversial subjects (religion, politics, etc.) or illegal activities.;
  3. No harassment or cyberbullying.;
  4. No griefing, hacking, or use of exploits.;
  5. Respect the staff and other players.;
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