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Clownfish's Everyone Welcome Server (CFEW), is dedicated to providing a fun and enjoyable experience to anyone who stops by. We offer a variety of worlds and game modes (listed below) to suit everyone's needs. Our staff works hard to ensure that our server provides an environment suitable for all ages.

Directory of pages:

  • History: Learn how CFEW got started and about the fun highlights we have had!
  • Rules: OPs & Admins - Help list and clarify the rules here.
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions!
  • Worlds: Describe all of our current (and even past worlds) here.
  • Ranks: Learn about the ranks in our server.
  • Links Easy to use, share in-game, and remember: Check out this convenient list of short links to many CFEW pages!
  • Commands: In-game commands you should know.
  • Shops: In-game server and player shops you should visit!
  • Arenas: In-game server and player shops you should visit!
  • Voting: All CFEW Voting Links (Please vote once a day! -Thanks! Fishy)
  • Tutorials: Tutorials / How to... - Come learn and teach helpful info on CFEW here! Please help contribute and refer players here.
  • Plugins: Plugins CFEW uses, their commands, and how to benefit from them!
  • Events: List of past and current events in CFEW.
  • Who: A list of all OPs, Admins, and long time players in the past 3 years
  • Recipes: in-game recipes
  • Warps: (shops, castles, community locations) (+ descriptions)
  • Videos: Youtube videos and more about our CFEW server! Come watch! 8D (Let clownfish know if you have more to add here)
  • Change Log: See what new changes and bug fixes have happened in our server.
  • Clownfish Art: Clownfish art shared with Clownfish and CFEW! ^_^
  • Other Helpful Minecraft Links: Various other helpful and neat Minecraft pages. (Please contribute here)
  • . . . What else can we add here? -Fishy

Other pages that need a home in the Wiki as it develops

Pages to help Admins and OPs

Getting started

Note to editors

Welcome to the ~New~ CFEW Wiki! (Admins and OPs, please help populate this wiki with menus and pages that will help the CFEW community. This is a great place for pages that give more detail on "rules", "list of warps", "who is who", "recipes", "famous builds", and all you can think of that we need to document in our 3+ year amazing Minecraft server! -Clownfish)

OK - lol how do we edit this CFEW wiki. Admins or OPs, if you know jump in and help. -Fishy =D (feel free to change or remove any of this stuff I have typed in)

OK this page was helpful (Ops, Admins, members read this page on editing a wiki Starting a New Page and this page Wiki Editing Examples)


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