What We Offer
  1. Main World
    Main World
    Our Main World is an easy survival world with lots of fun plugins, including slimefun, jobs, pets and disguises!
  2. Survival World
    Survival World
    For a more traditional survival experience check out Survival World. Limited commands make this a world suitable for people who like a challenge. Level up your McMMO skills here.
  3. Other Worlds
    Other Worlds
    We also offer Creative World, Skyblock, Acid Island and Gameworld, which features lots of fun minigame plugins!
About Us
CFEW was opened on 10th September 2010 by "Clownfish", a father of 3, as a place where he could play with his family in a safe and friendly environment. He soon extended his 'family' to include people from all over the world, and added features and worlds aimed at establishing a 'fun place for people to play, meet up and hang out'.

Clownfish retired in 2012, but the community and server has continued to this day. 

It's current owners are Whitelily and Lucian.